Young Scientists Program  /  March 20, 2023, planned

Introduction to deep learning through the example of medical imaging

4D Workshop

The Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Immune-mediated Diseases CIMD aims to facilitate and simplify education along the 4Ds (Drugs, Diagnostics, Data, Devices) by supporting young scientists. Cooperation between different disciplines is to be encouraged - a prerequisite for the implementation of 4Ds.

The next workshop in the CIMD 4D workshop series, which will take place in March 2023, will focus on Deep Learning. 
The 4D workshops are mainly aimed at PhD students, young postdocs and project collaborators of Fraunhofer CIMD.


Content and aims:

Robots that beat humans at chess and computers that we can talk to - these are the images that come to mind when we think of "artificial intelligence" (AI). It is also impossible to imagine digital medicine without assistance systems based on AI methods. In this workshop, we want to provide an interactive experience of how to train AI algorithms with applications in digital medicine using Deep Learning and what role humans and existing data sources play in both the development and approval of medical devices.